Michelle as seen at Le Shop.
Some attributes
First Female
Second NPC
Third Owner/Cashier of Le Shop
Other attributes

Michelle is the owner of Fantage's most popular shop - Le Shop, which is found at Downtown. Michelle has came from Paris, France (known well as the heart of the fashion world), and landed in Fantage to build her own clothing shop for Fantagians to find cool styles to dress up in.

Trivia Edit

  • Michelle originated from Paris, France, and brought her sense of fashion along with her.
  • She is one of the few NPC's that has a Twitter account, along with Michael, Agent Scarlet, and Dr. Finkelstein.
  • Her best friend is Stella, from Stellar Salon.
  • She has a pet Blizzy, which she adores dearly and brings him along everywhere she goes.
  • She has plans for world domination.

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